Align Chakras with Perigee New Moon

Align Chakras with Perigee New Moon

Perigee Moon for Chakra Activation 
Do you know what Lunar Perigee means? Perigee is when the Moon is closest to the Earth. This is a powerful time to connect your inner world to Lunar Cycles, a perfect time to commit to your healing process using the natural energy vortexes of your own body in your Chakras.

There are 7 major Chakras in the body, each managing a different aspect of being a person. Activate your Chakra energy during a Perigee when the Moon’s energy is closest to the earth by discovering your chakra balance, and learning which chakras call for attention.


We have created focused Chakra Energy ToolKits for these seven main energy vortexes. Like all other aspects of spiritual healing, the chakras have physical symbols such as oils, herbs, crystals, colors, exercises, foods, and sounds that correspond with each. The individual chakra kits contain tools unique to that specific energy vortex.

We recommend starting at the first chakra and working your way up. This helps the healing process remain grounded and balanced. Remember: this is not an overnight process. Be patient and loving with yourself as you grow and heal.

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