All About Earth Energy

All About Earth Energy

Albert Einstein states, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” This notion is the first law of thermal dynamics. Every living cell in the universe contains energy. That means all matter contains energy and can change from one form to another. We can learn to utilize energies to change matter physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Today we have the same amount of energy in our universe than we did millions of years ago. But wait! If energy cannot be created then how did it begin? That’s a fun topic for another time.

The universe continually changes but the same measurable amount of energy exists and we see it shift every day. Severe weather is an obvious way to view energy shifts in nature as is photosynthesis and boiling water. Other types of energies of the earth shift at slower rates or these energies are simply not visible to the human eye. Underground streams, fault lines, flux lines, platonic solids, the moons gravitational pull on the ocean and vortexes are a few examples of subtle earth energy changes.

A vortex is a concentration of energy, a mass of spinning air or liquid that pulls items into its center. An example is the polar vortex, centered in the stratosphere over the north and south poles. Our earth contains many vortexes, some move slowly and are revered as spiritual energy flowing across dimensions while others, like a tornado move quickly leaving devastation in its pathway.

Plants and rocks contain earth energy and can pass along their wisdom and guidance when we tap into their frequency. Learning how the vital life force of a plant can heal, guide and soothe is a way to utilize earth's energy and sharing these benefits with others is a great way to keep the energy flowing.


Opposition vs. Flow
What happens when energy flow is stopped? It’s a drag (a little science humor). For example, when you dam free flowing water it either pools (with a use of excess energy), finds other means to run off or reroutes the energy by changing the ecosystem. The Nile is a perfect example of what occurs when opposing a natural force. We always have a choice, oppose the force or “go with the flow”. We use less energy and open ourselves to other possibilities becoming one with the universe when we allow ourselves to trust in the universe. Why do we tighten up into a ball & shield ourselves from the rain? Rain is a natural, cleansing occurrence. During the next downpour try holding your head high, feel the water on your skin & enjoy the cleanse from mother nature.

What Earth Energy Means for Yourain
Every single piece of matter contains energy made from another energy source. Take a look around you right now. The same goes for every item in nature. To flow with items from this earth’s energetic channels will assist in our own personal transformation. Every living thing that has walked this planet is aware of mother nature's power, her energetic flow helps us shape our intentions as we flow with the earth’s energetic pathways.

During the next thunderstorm, tornado or hurricane release all your negativity to the storm. Scream out all your fears and throw it back into nature, let Mother Nature wash you away of your negative energies. Then set your positive intention when the sun comes back out.

Written by: Ana Mony
Photo Credit: Ramón Salinero and  Valentin Muller


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