Chameleon Energy

Chameleon Energy

Rekindle your passions


Exploration ~ Balance ~ Adaptability ~ Reinvention ~ Transformation

All these words come to mind when contemplating the lessons of a Chameleon.

The Chameleon morphs into whatever the situation calls for. 

Yes, they camouflage to hide from predators too but this slow-moving power animal is also a great predator in its own right. They surprise their prey with a tongue flick of surprising speed, coming from this slow methodical reptile. Sharing with us the lesson of patience and confidence.

The camouflage technique is so refined as to blend undetected when needed and move at its own pace within any surroundings. Rekindling your life’s path more steadily as you effectively adjust to new conditions rather than resisting change.

The Chameleon effect allows for a display of emotions to match surroundings, sizing up the situations to discern if wearing your emotions on your sleeve is in your best interest at that time. Or maybe it’s time to display your true colors. You finally found the environment in which you thrive.

Think of this… No matter what life throws at you, the rekindling spirit of the chameleon teaches how to change yourself from the inside out to transform your deep passions into your new environment. 

Exploring creativity and insight allows you to remain undetected in the heart of the action while focusing on your important purpose. 

Take some time this moon cycle to see where you need to 

  • Camouflage
  • Ingest what you need to survive
  • Reinvent yourself as you resurrect your passions 
  • Express yourself fully

Which point 👆 are you exploring/experiencing right now?



To learn more about how to utilize this Mindful Energy to:

  • Recognize energy
  • Read a room
  • Plug into positive energies that promote your souls purpose
  • Unplug negative energy that overwhelms and stifles your system.

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