I am worthy of people who nourish me.


The keys are Community and Connections.

In the spirit of personal growth and transformation, connectivity is a dynamic force, fueled by Mother Earth's energy and the nurturing essence of the Heart Chakra. Drawing wisdom from elders and embracing our gifts, we accept leadership roles, inspiring positive change.

Authentic relationships, rooted in honesty and respect, enrich and nourish our journey, fostering mutual growth. With love, gratitude, and authenticity as guides, we navigate our path purposefully, creating peace in our lives.

🌑 Re-evaluate people in your realm

🌓 Acts of gratitude

🌕 Authentic relationships

🌗 Symbiotic relationships vs reciprocity



Integrate Connectivity with your intentions and maximize your results ad you Manifest with the Moon.



Utilize these Heart Chakra openers with Rosewood, bergamot, cardamom & ylang ylang to get you started:

Heart Chakra Soul Spray 

Heart Chakra Roll On

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