We encourage you to spend a moon cycle with the intention of Dimensions.

Release the hustle culture to become open to receiving messages from source, whether through intuition, synchronicity, or signs from the universe. 

As you embark on the journey through Dimensions, invite darkness in as your ally.

This exploration emphasizes the importance of patience and wisdom while acknowledging your inner teacher. 

You learn to find inner light, drawing strength and wisdom from within yourself and the world.

This journey leads to a stronger connection with the divine, and a life lived in harmony with your deepest truths.

Utilize Wisdom and Patience as your guides while aligning with these energies:

🗝 Your relationship with silence.
🗝 How you receive messages from source.
🗝 Finding light in your darkest moments.
🗝 Exploring your truth.


Take a deeper dive with the Mystic Moon Circle inside Luna's Vault Academy.

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