Dolphin Energy

Dolphin Energy

🐬 Playfulness, Protection, Expression, Spiritual Cadre 🐬

Descriptive words to connect with dolphin energy. 

Creativity comes easily from playfulness, curiosity, bravery and listening to your intuition. All strong Dolphin qualities.

These extremely intelligent mammals remind us to find ways to express our happiness. 

They reflect to us the importance of a strong spiritual practice due to their extremely heightened awareness. 

Did you know many scientific studies reveal dolphin intelligence to be higher than humans? They have a higher brain capacity and they do amazing things with that brain power. 

For example, dolphins sleep in an unusual way called “unihemispheric slow-wave sleep”. This means they turn off half of their brain while sleeping, leaving the other half to monitor their surroundings and perform basic bodily functions. This allows dolphins to "keep an eye" on what’s going on around them and to regulate breathing. When the right hemisphere of the brain is asleep, the left eye stays open… and vice versa.

Dolphins form strongly bonded groups called pods. These tight-knit groups know each other by name (yes, they give names to one another through unique vocalization). This teaches us the importance of finding our pod… finding like-minded spirits that share our beliefs and support our visions and ideas. 

Dolphin energy helps us Materialize our intentions with playfulness, bravery, mystery, freedom and to surrender to our cosmic connection.

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