Full Moon Mystic Offerings

Full Moon Mystic Offerings

When the moon swells your activities and energies follow.

Once the full moon becomes exact, it invites you to shine a light on your current surroundings and situations.

Instead of reacting to the scene(s), take a deep breath. Then spend time observing what you see.

Discover a fresh perspective.


Shine that full moon light on the symbiotic relationships in your life.

What are they offering? What is the most symbiotic relationship in your life?

Not all relationships are symbiotic nor do they need to be.


But occasionally (once in a blue moon), consider your relationships. What does the giving and receiving dynamic within look/feel like?

This keeps you from enabling exchanges that no longer serve your personal growth or that of your loved ones.

When you honor the symbiotic relationships in your life, you cultivate a deep sense of gratitude and contentment.


Connect with a deeper understanding of symbiotic relationships with a Mystic Mentor Session.

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