How to use Onyx for Energetic Protection

How to use Onyx for Energetic Protection

Who couldn't use a little extra Protection in this fast paced world?
Utilizing the force field energy of an Onyx gemstone feels like your own personal team of guardian angels working around the clock for you.
  • Defends conscious negativity directed at or near you.
  • Protects you from unwanted and uncontrolled sexual activity.
  • Decreases the probability of any unwanted outside interference in relationships.
  • Helps you end unhappy relationships.
  • Gives you strength to cut ties in any relationship or endeavor.
  • Supportive stone during difficult times in life.
  • Centers your energy when you feel stressed. 
  • Use when you need help making a wise decisions.

How to incorporate an Onyx gemstone into our everyday life for Energetic Protection?

First and foremost set the stone with your Intention.

Take a quiet moment with the onyx in your hand and verbalize your specific intention. Be very specific. It also helps to write these details on paper.

Meditation. Options for Onyx activation.

  • Hold the crystal in the palm of your hand during meditation.
  • Hold between thumb and ring finger and repeat a protection affirmation or mantra. Ie: "My energy is protected and completely my own."
  • Use the onyx as a drishti (focal point) to guide you into meditation.
  • Lie down and place the stone on your chest to infuse that protective energy to surround your body.

Sleep with an onyx under your pillow or on a table next to your bed. You can also do like the ancient Egyptians and place the stone in a bowl of water next to your bed. This helps you sleep more sound and protects your dream state.

Gardening. Create a decorative space using your Onyx in your garden or a flower pot in your home. Dedicate this space for Protection.

Crystal Grid. Create a design of energy flow using the onyx and other crystals for your Protection. This provides you a wonderful way to connect with the stones energy, while creating a protective dome in your home. Design a masterpiece.

Jewelry. -Wearing onyx on your body is a powerful way to connect with it's Protective energy qualities and ward off any unwanted negativity. Wear it as your protective amulet. 


While there are many amazing stones to use for Protection, each with their own unique qualities, but nothing compares to the Onyx. Make it your foundational stone. Mix and match other protection stones that create your own team of body guards specific for your intentions.

  • Bloodstone - courage
  • Jasper - absorbs negative energy
  • Obsidian - absorbs and transforms negative energy
  • Tigers eye - protects from evil spirits



For more tools and the ways to use them, check out our Intentions section for Energetic Protection.

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