Mantra for Activating your Throat Chakra

Mantra for Activating your Throat Chakra

“I speak my truth & honor my commitment to it.”

Activating your Throat Chakra on Mondays is the perfect time to set the tone for effective communication and set forth your intentions for the week.

Repeat this Throat Chakra mantra 5 times on a Monday morning, while looking yourself in the eyes through a mirror. Repeat every morning, in this manner, for the entire week.

Want to take it up a notch? Become a patient listener, receptive to criticism all the while becoming an expressive, honest and effective communicator using all your emotions. Incorporate the Monday Mantra with these little Keys to the Vault to uncover your individuality and speak your truth:

  • Wear turquoise or aquamarine on those more difficult days when you really need to express yourself.
  • Journal your morning thoughts on 3 – 5 pages to really boost your expressive honest self.
  • Yoga poses, such as camel pose & shoulder stand, enhance throat chakra activation.

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