Otter Offerings

Otter Offerings

Sea otters lie on their back during a nap as they hold paws with their significant otter.

This keeps them from drifting away from each otter (can’t help myself 😂).

A group of resting otters is called a Raft.

Researchers have captured Rafts as large as 1000 otters floating together a one time. Some otters wrapped themselves in seaweed to keep the entanglement secure.


Otter energy represents:


🗝 Connection to your inner child.

🗝 Your playful behaviors.

🗝 Shine a light on symbiotic relationships.

🗝 Nurturing your dreams.


These light-hearted creatures known for their charm and mischievous behaviors remind you to shift your perception to appreciate life's essential and often mundane aspects.


Where can you soothe your emotions by embracing the virtues of the joyous and playful otter?

A raft of sea otters. Joy, play, innocence, kindness, love, inner child.

Photo by Lilian Carswell, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


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