Our Picks for Must Have Essential Oils

Our Picks for Must Have Essential Oils

Aromatherapy enhances the awakening process by deeply supporting the emotional healing systems of the body. Essential oil scents activate parts of your limbic system (the portion of the brain that handles much of your emotional processes) and the notes often signal a more soothing reaction from the brain. Ingested via tonics, these oils have a profound effect regulating various systems of the body. Each oil holds different properties and below are the basics to aid your emotional and physical well being.





The list of benefits attribute to patchouli oil could run a mile long which is why it’s first on the list. A few of the most notable uses for this versatile oil is as an antidepressant and an energy and immune system booster. This oil also aids in relieving a myriad of skin issues acting as an anti-fungal agent, moisturizer and antiseptic. Also great for blending, patchouli is a must have for your collection.


This oil dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians and continues to amaze even the Western medical community with it’s properties. The compounds in Myrrh are a hormone stimulant for several areas of the brain that manage emotions and opens people to spiritual experiences. Additional uses for this oil include uterine health, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, immune booster, circulation stimulator and much more.


As you would image, cedarwood oil is extracted from cedar wood and the oil has numerous uses. It’s very effective in the treatment of skin irritation such as eczema and even acne. It helps with nagging coughs, regulating menstrual cycles and it’s a great diuretic. Cedarwood is also a highly effective sedative, stimulating melatonin production in the brain which induces fatigue and calmness.


Cardamom oil in the form of a tonic is an amazing digestive aid, promotes healthy stomach and metabolism function. It also acts as a stimulant, lifting spirits and fighting fatigue. Because of it’s warming effects it gives relief of cold symptoms and headaches. Cardamom has many other helpful properties and blends well with Cedarwood (above).


Peppermint is one of the most well known oils and many helpful uses for the body. It works great for nausea, settling the stomach and headache relief. Peppermint peaks mental clarity and alertness and because it’s both an anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic it gives relief to cramping and sore muscles. This pleasant and potent oil should be a staple in your aromatic arsenal.


The popularity of rosemary oil has grown recently as the understanding of this powerful oil has been more understood. Like many of the aforementioned essential oils, rosemary enhances the immune system, boosts energy, aids in digestion and relieves stress. But the special properties of this oil includes the ability to grow stronger, healthier hair, increase oral health as an antiseptic, relieve joint and muscle pain, not to mention it smells great!


This essential oil falls into the jack of all traits category for it’s immense versatility. It is great for almost any kind of skin issues that can arise from burns or rashes to an anti-aging salve. Inhaling the oil helps deepen any spiritual ritual or yoga practice as it helps center and ground with a bonus of aiding in lung health. It helps several stomach conditions, relieves sore joints and muscles among many other healing properties.

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