Balance and Wisdom from the Root Chakra

Embrace the adventure of revealed wisdom that clarifies any essential needs for rebalancing.

At times we feel misunderstood and lonely. Learn to take a breath and stand firm on our principles to clarify the essential reasons for our unique gifts and the whys behind our souls’ purpose.

Our past experiences, decisions, traumas, and tragedies reveal to us the strength and wisdom that guides us to exactly where we are supposed to be now. Use these lessons to prepare us for what’s next.

Let’s purify any debris keeping us from soaring to our destination. Trust that this cycle, and all that those before and after, leads us to an intriguing journey full of blessings.


The keys are Vision & Rebalance

Explore the following energies and phases throughout a moons cycle. 

🌑 Undervalued feelings

🌓 Revealing wisdom

🌕 Blessings in disguise

🌗 Repurposed visions


Manifest with the Moon and become Purified inside a moon loving community of support and experience clarity and confidence in your daily life. 

Luna's Vault invites you inside the Mystic Moon Circle 

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