Top 5 Tools to Manifest Success

Top 5 Tools to Manifest Success

While working with several small businesses lately, I’ve received the same question a few times: How do you tap into a physical energy pathway to success?

We all know it takes energy to obtain success and we talk about energy pathways a lot at Luna’s Vault. We'll break down a few of our favorite tricks for riding these pathways and staying focused on success.

Believe in yourself

Find your mantra for success! A positive affirmation fills our sub conscience withmeditation confidence. Keep it short and simple and repeat often. The more you say it, the closer you are to making it occur. Here is one of our favorites for success: “I water my dreams with optimism and solutions and I cultivate success.”

A quiet mind reveals more about your pathway to success than any thing else you can do. Sometimes we push through life with a goal in mind. Nothing’s going to stop us. Meditation helps you with the following questions: Is this the best path for me? What do I really want from this success? Am I on the correct path for my goals? The answers are found within. Quiet the mind to hear your truth.

Create a list of small obtainable goals. List the steps needed to obtain these goalsGoals and prioritize. Create a workable calendar that includes steps to ensure that you do something everyday on your list. It’s ok to be flexible but keep in mind the end result. It’s impossible do everything at once, so breathe/meditate through any anxiety and create time on your calendar for the tasks that cause anxiety. How do you eat an elephant? 1 bite at a time.


A Crystal Quartz is the single most important stone when doing any spiritual work. Charge the stone with your intentions for success. Include the big picture and your small obtainable goals. This grows your connection with the crystal during your Success journey. Leave the crystal on your desk, carry with you or keep at your meditation spot. Bloodstone and amber stones are also aligned with this intention and make excellent success stones.


Essential Oils are a fundamental part of everyday life in our office, and we mean real essential oils, you can’t phone it in with the fake stuff. We love things that smell great but, having an aromatherapist as our co-founder, we also know how to tap into the spiritual meanings of these oils. Success smells like cinnamon and tangerine.

Success Soul Spray is an easy way to lift the aura in your office, build confidence before your presentation and take you to a direct energy channel in mediation. We also use frankincense for a spiritual connection with your success intention and a little vetiver for a money connection as well, just in case your goal includes a financial boost!

Are you ready to start manifesting success? Learn more about how to manifest success by checking out our Success Energy Toolkit and Success Soul Spray.

Image by: Noémi Macavei-Katócz

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