Using our Life Force for Healing

Using our Life Force for Healing

Shining a light on yourself is not always easy.

At least for me, it hasn’t been.

I was born in the 60s when it wasn’t encouraged to draw any attention to yourself, and most children were punished if they dared to even try to stand out. Growing up in this environment left many people struggling to advance in the workplace, as well as in life.

I understand that times change, and I’m grateful for that, however, the old programming can run deep.

Allow your evolution and growth to be simple. One way to grow from your past conditioning is to focus on expansion and release, utilizing the energy of the moon and your breath.

Create simple practices that support a busy lifestyle and see yourself soar.

It’s safe to shine a light on yourself ~ it’s welcomed and supported.

Enjoy an expansion practice that we have created for our Mystic Moon Circle.

Close your eyes and drop your head into your heart space, taking a few cleansing breaths ~ in through the nose and out through the mouth. Allow your body to release the tension in your shoulders, neck, and jaw. Shake your arms and move your body in any way that provides comfort. When you feel relaxed and at ease, take the opportunity to see yourself standing in the middle of a forest/field/garden. See the lushness of the environment that surrounds you. Hear the birds singing and the sounds of nature fill the air. Allow yourself to feel the grounding support at your feet, while allowing the sun to beam directly on you, and radiate to the core of your being. Arms open wide, head back, heart out ~ receiving the combined Mother Earth, and celestial energy for as long as you desire. Breathing in and out, recalibrating, centering yourself so that you may experience an abundance of peace, joy, and love. Offer gratitude for life and the lessons you are learning. See yourself shining in all your glory.

Adopt this practice so that you can drop in any time with your stillness and breath.

For a deeper exploration of this topic, check out the Mystic Moon Circle where we Manifest with the Moon.

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