Last Quarter Moon Wisdom

Last Quarter Moon Wisdom

It happens every month. Oh yes, the new and full moon gets all the attention, but what about me?

Every month I release the negativity from this world.

I gather the earth’s unneeded, unwanted energy and fling it into the cosmos for transmutation.

Our vast universe absorbs that energy, yet not all humans recognize my power.

Humans walk around carrying burdens as if they don’t realize they have a choice to release the heavy loads of life, without a clue of what the water and woodland creatures intuitively know.

Instead of mimicking the flow and function of the energy absorbed from the natural world around them, humans forge the fight wearing that heavy armor into the next cycle without a break.

As the last quarter moon, I request the human race to feel my energy.

Look around at nature's cycles… the signs surround you.

Use my energy to Surrender, Release and Trust.

Take a deep breath and exhale completely. Use this time to reflect and honor the evolution of your intentions.

Last Quarter Moon Action:

  • Remove & Recycle unwanted items from your home
  • Make changes and adjustments to your plans and goals
  • Say goodbye, release or clean up any messes in your life



Learn more ways to utlize this moon phase into a healthy daily practice in the Manifest with the Moon Workhshop.

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