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Protection Energy Toolkit
Protection Energy Toolkit
Protection Energy Toolkit

Protection Energy Toolkit

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Protection is an integral part of spiritual, energetic, and emotional growth. Whether you need basic protection of your heart after heartbreak, protection from an assault or trauma, or protection from psychic attack or lower-vibrational energies, this spell box will guide you in creating and maintaining your own circle of safety. (This can also be used for your home, loved ones, animals, or sacred objects.)

This kit will embrace and protect you with the following sacred items:

Herb Sachet - Blending the most potent herbs related to your Intention. Earth

Soul Spray – A potent and ancient essential oil blend to trigger intentional pathways and Protect your sacred space. Air and Water

Journal – Handmade from Nepalese lokta paper, use this journal as a safe space for expression and documentation. Earth and Akasha

Plant Seeds – Plant and nurture these intention seeds, and watch your intentions bloom into existence! Earth

Incense Cones or Sticks - Protective oils, powders and resins to burn, carrying your wishes to the heavens during meditation or ritual. Air and Earth

Candle – This is a non-GMO soy wax candle made with a blend of essential oils indicates your Intention and expression. Relax and Protect the body and mind. Fire and Air

Gemstone - A gemstone that helps to repel lower vibrations. Earth

Crystal Quartz Point – This clear crystal is a powerful tool to aid focus and clarity of intention. When combined with the above gemstone, it intensifies the Intentional properties. Earth

Key – This charm signifies willingness to open new doors. Akasha

Awareness Card – This card carries the following awareness information as it pertains to the intention of Protection: moon cycle, day of the week, mantra, color, stones, essential oils, plants, herbs, element, metal, numbers, incense, animals, and foods.

*essence of cedarwood, sage and vetiver