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How to Activate the Throat Chakra: Lessons from a Giraffe

Animals make wonderful teachers once we know how to tap into their energies.  How the giraffe thinks, approaches life, and the physical adaptations of its’ soul provides us humans a key to using our bodies and our skills wisely.

Our Picks for Must Have Essential Oils

Aromatherapy enhances the awakening process by deeply supporting the emotional healing systems of the body. Essential oil scents activate parts of your limbic system (the portion of the brain that handles much of your emotional processes) and the notes often signal a more soothing reaction from the brain. Ingested via tonics, these oils have a […]

Mantra for Activating your Throat Chakra

“I speak my truth & honor my commitment to it.” Activating your Throat Chakra on a Monday is the perfect time to set the tone for effective communication and set forth your Intentions for the week. Repeat this Throat Chakra mantra 5 times on a Monday morning, while looking yourself in the eyes through a […]

Top 5 Tools to Manifest Success

While working with several small businesses lately, I’ve received the same question a few times… “How do you tap into a physical energy pathway to Success?” We all know it takes energy to obtain Success and we talk about energy pathways a lot at Luna’s Vault. Today we break down a few of our favorite tricks for riding […]

How to use Amethyst – Stone of Peace

As we scatter our Intentions of Peace throughout the world remember that Peace begins within. ☮ Place an amethyst stone near your bed for a peaceful nights sleep, it’s also know to bring prophetic dreams. Wear amethyst jewelry during stressful times to calm fears, lift your spirits & bring happiness into the situation… Like maybe the holidays. During exceptionally difficult […]

All Hallows Eve! The Thinnest Veil!

It’s almost Halloween again, a witches favorite holiday! We get to proclaim our love of nature and communion with both God and Goddess in full light. Perfecto! The veil is the thinnest at this time, so we can see our ghosts from times past. Times past in this life and lives from which our souls […]

Happy Ostara!

As the dew that descends Water drops with right way thought Feed the pods The sunflower seed shaped beehive mind The 5D shroom spores about to break the veil And be seeded into the awakening human The Fairy meet the Person And we find our wings The descent of 5D to Three The merging of […]

Align Chakras with Perigee New Moon

New Moon Manifest March 10th 2:02am (US est) Perigee Moon for Chakra Activation  Do you know what Lunar Perigee means? Perigee means the Moon is closest to the Earth. This is a powerful time to connect your innerworld to Lunar Cycles, a perfect time to commit to your healing process using the natural energy vortexes of your own body […]

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

Gifts of the Magi… but what are the Intentions behind gold, frankincense and myrrh? Gold is always represented with money/riches. Wisdom is also connected with gold as is self-empowerment and willpower. Au is the chemical symbol of gold from the latin word aurum, meaning “shinning dawn” & is an ancient symbol of immortality because it never […]

The Sphere Radiates Healing

  “I am writing especially, for any of you readers who know that you have special powers. As a child, you were the kid that tried to do super power stuff, like move objects with your mind, or levitate? fly? or some type of manipulation of reality, only to be truly disappointed that your powers […]

Full Moon Flux: The Truth and Ease Behind a Super Moon

Dispelling any media confusion on what a super moon is really all about.

World Elephant Day

96 elephants die everyday for ivory. USA imports more ivory than any other country in the world. Elephants connect us to our Root Chakra. They are wonderful spirit animals for Prosperity and Money. Their ivory tusk is actually their incisor teeth and can grow 1-3 inches a year, occasionally reaching 10 ft. in length and […]