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1st Quarter Moon Phase

This moon phase is all about Endurance. This is a time nurture your Solar Plexus Chakra. It’s naturally willing to open & activate during this time. Leo & Aries thrive during this moon phase. If both signs pair up together on a project during this time… look out. It’s pure magic. Amazing things occur.

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

Gifts of the Magi… but what are the Intentions behind gold, frankincense and myrrh? Gold is always represented with money/riches. Wisdom is also connected with gold as is self-empowerment and willpower. Au is the chemical symbol of gold from the latin word aurum, meaning “shinning dawn” & is an ancient symbol of immortality because it never […]

Knowledge meets Intuition

Knowledge, research, education. You’ve studied intensively. You know the facts. You are prepared. It’s now time to utilize this knowledge. Arming yourself with fact & details regarding a situation is essential but at some point we need to act on this information. Are you tied down in the details… overanalyzing? Trust in yourself. Believe. Pair […]

Energetic Protection

[] Energetic Protection Meditation Tools used: Crystal Quartz wand, Bloodstone, colors red and white, Saturdays, Protection Soul Spray essential oils include Cedarwood, vetiver, black pepper and juniper. Mantras: I have courage. I am protected. I am always in harmony with the universe. Photo by: Frédéric Chabot

The Sphere Radiates Healing

  “I am writing especially, for any of you readers who know that you have special powers. As a child, you were the kid that tried to do super power stuff, like move objects with your mind, or levitate? fly? or some type of manipulation of reality, only to be truly disappointed that your powers […]

Goddess Invokation Ritual Event ~ contact for a seat!

October 17th 5pm PST email: Stay Tuned for the next date!

Online Classes Coming Soon!

We are preparing to share our knowledge and years of hard earned learning with you. We are going to offer month long classes following the Moon cycles, using our Meditation Kits with Intentions to include: Protection, Success, Peace, Love, Good Health, & Emotional Healing

Full Moon Flux: The Truth and Ease Behind a Super Moon

Dispelling any media confusion on what a super moon is really all about.

World Elephant Day

96 elephants die everyday for ivory. USA imports more ivory than any other country in the world. Elephants connect us to our Root Chakra. They are wonderful spirit animals for Prosperity and Money. Their ivory tusk is actually their incisor teeth and can grow 1-3 inches a year, occasionally reaching 10 ft. in length and […]

How To: Find an Animal Spirit Guide

  Native Americans believe that souls or spirits exist in all things made up of the universe… humans, animals, plants, trees, rocks, natural forces, rain, sun, stars and the moon. Today we focus on Animals. Animism, Animal Totems, Animal Spirits, Power Animals or Fetishism are many names given to this understanding, each with their own […]


  Use the Waves of Aquarius to shift reality, I AM sending you my own personal codes from the past few weeks. my personal example of codes to be integrated into infinity on the wireless waves, light body. my action steps in wakening the collective round me. i work daily to build my soul wheel […]

11:11 ? and other Number Sequences on Clocks and Machines

Do you see number sequences? So do thousands of others at the same time. Are you radioactive and connecting into the Collective IAM coming from Mother Earth as SHE Ascends into her whole 5D (fifth dimensional) self? it is our heritage to Ascend with her! Do it! when you see the sequence, stop all you […]