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Discovery Call

Discovery Call

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Discover how energy alignment work with a Mystic Mentor benefits you on your self-help journey.

Connect with Imber or Kat to gain clarity:

    • Get all your questions answered.
    • Receive a better understanding of our processes and how they support you.
    • Understand what your ideal outcome might look like.
    • Establish preferred methods of communication.
    • Best session package for your needs.
    • Ensure an energetic match.


This free 15-minute call aligns a clear pathway for your needs, goals and actions to begin a journey with an Energy Coach for actual results and transformation.


Your choice of Zoom video chat or phone call.




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  • tarot and oracle video arrives in your email inbox within 7 to 10 days.

    Arrival Info

    Video and pdf arrive in your inbox, using email you supply during purchase.

    This is a custom reading, created specifically for you. Please allow 7-10 days max.

Manifest with the Moon

Pair your Reading with Intentional Tools

Oracle / Tarot readings + system of correspondences = maximum manifesting 🔮

Soul Acceleration Workshop

✨ A free month-by-month tarot & oracle guide for the entire year to simplify your life and bring clarity to every situation.

✨ Inside Luna's Vault Academy's we powerfully map out the year with insight for your focus steps to expansion.