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Emotional Healing Meditation Toolbox

Emotional Healing Meditation Toolbox

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Heartache and heartbreak are a natural part of the human experience. Although ultimately a beautiful opportunity for growth, it can be difficult to move through grief, loss, and past traumas. This toolbox assists you in processing and releasing the past, allowing the grieving process to occur so that you can move forward in life with emotional clarity, maturity, and presence.

When navigating a spiritual path, it can be difficult to know which items and approaches are the right or most effective ones to use in manifesting your desires. Great news: we’ve done the research for you, and created collection of tools for Emotional Healing encased in a decorative cherry wooden box.

Sacred gifts from Mother Earth include crystals, gemstones, herbs, plant seeds and essential oils. Incense and a candle help to summon the sacred space for healing work. A journal and a key help to unlock the door to healing and expression. We’ve also created a detailed booklet walking you through select rituals that have been proven by eons of tradition for Emotional Healing.

Use the Meditation Toolbox as a standalone spell box to increase focus and energy toward your specific intention, while protecting your keepsakes and tools in a decorative space. 

  • Herb Sachet - Blending the most potent herbs related to Emotional Healing.
  • Soul Spray – A potent and ancient essential oil blend to trigger intentional pathways and invoke the energy of Emotional Healing. 
  • Journal – Handmade from Nepalese lokta paper, use this journal as a safe space for expression and documentation. 
  • Plant Seeds – Plant and nurture these intention seeds, and watch your intentions bloom into existence! 
  • Incense Cones or Sticks - Oils, powders and resins to burn, carrying your wishes to the heavens during meditation or ritual. 
  • Candle – This is a non-GMO soy wax candle made with a blend of essential oils indicates your Intention and expression. Heal the heart, body and mind. 
  • Gemstone - A gemstone that vibrates at the frequency of Emotional Healing. 
  • Crystal Quartz – This clear crystal is a powerful tool to aid focus and clarity of intention. When combined with the above gemstone, it intensifies the Intentional properties. 
  • Key – This charm signifies willingness to open new doors.
  • Awareness Items – These items, found in the booklet, pertain to the intention of Emotional Healing: moon cycle, day of the week, mantras, color, stones, essential oils, plants, herbs, element, metal, numbers, incense, animals, and foods.
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